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TIRUPATI INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LIMITED - incorporated in 1973, is a manufacturer of Methyl Esters, Biodiesel, Industrial Oils, Fatty Acids, Edible Oils, Soaps, Specialty Chemicals, Chemicals and Laboratory Reagents.


At TIRUPATI, we aim to ACHIEVE our goals by providing superior quality products and services at competitive prices to meet the essential requirements of our esteemed customers.


Diversification and Innovation has been the basis of the evolution and growth of TIRUPATI. Starting with solvent extraction in the seventies, TIRUPATI pursued a strategy of diversification and innovation - in Methyl Esters, Biodiesel, Industrial Oils, Fatty Acids, Edible Oils, Soaps, Specialty Chemicals, Chemicals and Laboratory Reagents production. Developing new products and creating markets has been the cornerstone of TIRUPATI’s success.


Under our edible oil brands, we cater to individuals, households and consumers of all classes. Our GEMChem™ brand caters to various laboratories, institutions and similar users with a wide range of high purity Chemicals and Laboratory Reagents. Our Eco-friendly fuel, Biodiesel under the brand BIOWIN™ caters to various institutions and organizations which helps them in reducing air pollution and hence contributes to decreasing their carbon footprint.


Our value of returning to society and our commitment by our actions and words is what evokes trust amongst our consumers, employees, shareholders and the community.


At TIRUPATI we endeavor to improve the quality of life of the communities we serve. We do this by striving to lead and excel in the businesses in which we operate.


Goods and Services Tax (GST) Registration

As you are aware of that the Government of India has proposed to implement the Goods & Services Tax (GST) shortly and thus it is necessary for all the business entities to enrol and to obtain the Provisional GST Registration ID. Based on the above we are pleased to inform you that we have enrolled ourself and obtained Provisional GST ID Number at the locations of our presence in India. The details are furnished at the below link for your information and record and we request you to provide your details to us at the earliest.

Please Click Here to Submit your GST Registration Details


42 to 45 Emerald Industrial Estate,
Dheku, Taluka Khalapur, District Raigad 410203,
Maharashtra (INDIA)
Tel: +91 219 2266163
Email: info@tirupatiind.com


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